Why ReptiGrow?

  Repti Grow is made of 100% organic coco fiber coir.  What makes Repti grow different from other coco fibers is it's process and treatment before it's packaging.  Repti Grows' pretreatment is key to its bio structure.  With other coco fiber products, the process of treatment is with extreme heat and damaging radiation.  When heated and radiated it kills the natural bio activity of the coco. This process doesn't take place, nor does it remove the negative elements that cause fermenting it just sterilizes it.  Killing the biological make up of the medium in return marketing it is just dirt.                                                                          

  Repti Grows pretreatment allows the fermentation to take place in the medium before treatment in the optimal conduction.  Therefor the bio mass doesn't carry Un-balanced cautions or inhibitors into the new environment.  Without treatment of these elements it will result in affecting the pH in the nest box and transferring these unbalanced cations and inhibiters into the incubation stage.  By using this pretreatment it will keep the bio active environment without damaging the microorganisms that make up cellular structure in the medium. 

  Repti Grow is unique because it is fully composted, and has not been chemically buffered like most other coco fiber products.  Repti Grow is washed rinsed and buffered using a pretreatment that uses elements that positively charge the medium.  This will help balance the high cautions and inhibitors in the coco while enhancing it.  Using these pretreatments allow microbes to still be present in the medium without killing the good bio structure of the medium.  

  Repti Grow is a superior coco fiber because it is aged a minimum of 12 months and has finished its decomposition stage before its treatment.  Repti Grow is also exposed to rain water from multiple monsoon seasons to help rinse away these negtive cations naturally.  Most other coir fibers only have 6 months decomposition and have excessive salts that require chemical treatment of the coco before using it.          

  Repti Grows pretreatment process will ensure the medium is as neutral as possible with a balanced pH while allowing good bio activity without these cations or inhibitors with in the medium.  Repti Grow is treated to balance the negative elements in the coco.  This will result in the quality of our product.  This process and treatment of coco will reduce the inhibitors, sugars, carbohydrates and negative cautions found in untreated coco.  If these elements go untreated they will cause decomposition and fermentation of the medium.  This will cause the medium to expel gases and ammonias.  Coco naturally carries these properties that cause the fermentation of the medium. These inhibitors cause loss of integrity of biological membranes in microorganisms and decrease cellular growth affecting the medium, and in return affecting the environment causing a higher dissolved oxygen level in the Eco zone (enclosure).  

  Repti Grows structure is key to its longevity.  We recieved this from us deciding to work with the part of the coco that wasn't exposed to the harmful elements (the outside layer).  We went into the coco husk and used 4 to 6 pith depth.  This is the part of the coco that wasn't exposed to the environment as much.  This part of the coco is in better shape than the outside layer, the inner layers of the husk are pure and undamaged from its environment.  When processing the coco we choose large fibers for better aeration and structure help with compaction and dust.  With this structure it will allow the new medium to aerate better while using a fast evaporation technique.  The more evaporation the better, this allows for less bacteria build up within the medium.           

  Repti Grows pre-treatment of the coco is key to the physiology and bio makeup of it.  This will allow us to cure it while still keeping the CEC high so that the embryo can receive the nutrient during natural incubation.  The sediment areas that the living creatures find to nest in are filled with these positive cations and naturally charged ions. These nesting zones are filled with these elements that give the embryo nutrients.  These areas are considered to have a high CEC ratings (Cation Exchange Capacit) because of these natural found elements.           

  CEC is the rating that is given to a medium.  This rating is based off of how much nutrient can be absorbed form the medium.  The pretreatment of the coco using this process will allow the biological part of the coco to stay intact.  This makes the medium resistant towards the inhibitors and allow for microorganism balance. These negative cations and inhibitors are toxic and encourage fermenting properties. This treatment removes these harmful inhibitors from the medium.  If coco is not treated it will lead to toxic compost.  This will stop the growth of microorganisms and effect the medium in negative way.  These inhibitors affect the cellular physiology by disturbing the function of biological membranes with in the medium.  These negative cations will affect the microbial growth leading to poor metabolite production. With this treatment the new enzymes can take place allowing us to keep the physiology of the medium intact. This pretreatment will make the medium more neutral and give better growth as a bio active medium.


  If you have read this far you are most likely still on the fence and are probably saying to you self.  "I have been using the same medium for years.  Why should I change what I am doing?"  OR "It works fine for me and I dont have any problems with the way I care or captive breed my collection".

  I get this comment or questions from people before they use Repti Grow.  We have been working with many other breeders and giving them Repti Grow to try out and have recieved some great feed back.. I wasnt going to list eveything I discovered on our site in fear it would fall in to the wrong hands, but I feel that just because some one rips you off and copys your product and calls it their own dosent make them a bad person,  It just means that your stuff is really that darn cool!  With this being said here is why you should switch to Repti Grow!

  Repti Grows pretreatment will be the difference in the quality and integrity of it and will result in a better environment during the stage of incubation.  By transferring less harmful bacteria and pathogens along with negative cations and inhibitors that don't allow the nutrient absorption to be at an optimal level.  With these negative elements the defense mechanism of the embryo is to make the outside shell thicker taking from cell production.  The egg keeps a thicker out side shell to keep it from being penetrated by bacteria and harmful inhibiters that can effect the embryo negatively.

  These negative elements that are found in the medium aren't balanced and keep the good elements from being absorbed as easy by the embryo making it a low CEC medium.  This will result in less nutrient uptake of the embryo because of the medium being such a negative charged environment.  There is little absorption of positive elements in this environment and low access hydration due to the decomposition of the medium.  These acidic negative elements in the medium effect the embryo.  The egg has to filter these in order to absorb the positive cations.  This will take cell energy to do so.  This is taking away from cell growth.  With the treated coco the embryo will be on an optimal growth rate and cycle.  It won't have to be in survival mode.  It is taking from the embryo because of the embryo having to use the nutrient to fight off these harmful elements (thicker shell).  The only defense the embryo has is the egg shell and the only way to protect itself is to make the shell thicker.

  We are surrounding the embryo with these negative elements and hindering it from its potential.  Making the outer shell of the egg dense and hard, making it more difficult for the embryo to absorb nutrients because it's fighting off these inhibitors.  When using a medium that has been treated for these harmful inhibitors it will allow for the embryo not to have as much limit on to its absorption.  It won't get bigger and better unless it can do so safely.  With less transfer of these negative elements it won't have a need to have such a strong defense and in return grow accordingly.  It will grow to the boundaries that it is given and the size of the egg will be based off its environment.  Our embryos are a result of what we incubate them in.  If it's a high dissolved oxygen, high co2, low CEC and unbalanced environment with negative ions and amino nitrate, levels are exceeding their balance throwing the pH off.  The out come will result in what you see with the current mediums. If we provide the opposite to the embryo then the results are not hindered by the biological make up of the embryos' environment.  This will open up the incubation process to a whole other world.  By providing the embryo with a high CEC environment and a balanced caution ratio with the ph level being more neutral we will receive less dissolved oxygen in the cup.

  The higher level of oxygen in the environment will increase cell production and allow the embryo to take on more nutrient and hydration from its environment and soundings. This will result in increased size of the egg this will allow the layers to expand properly and with stability to hold the excess hydration.  The layers of the egg allow the embryo to take on more amnio fluid, this allows gases and cell waste exchange more easily (transpiration).  This will be giving the embryo not just enough to get it through its incubation stage, but enough for it to surpass its opportunity for growth and cell production.  When taking on this access hydration it will thin the outside layer of the egg making it easier for pipping or hatching.  The thinner membrane will also allow for easier nutrient uptake and permeable gasses to be expelled from the embryo during incubation. 

  The eggs are a result of what environment that they were incubated in.  Because we tried something different we receive the different results.  We received Bigger Better Eggs and bigger healthier embryos with higher hatch ratios.  We didn't test or study the use of these products because they were already founded or spoken of. We developed these products as a result from our testing and studying of the incubation stage.  The development of these products came from these findings of our research.  The different obstacles that we had found were hindering the optimal growth of the embryo.  These findings lead to the development of these products.  We just had to adjust our method to the current system that we founded.  By doing this we received  better results while using these products during the incubation stage. We discovered the information listed here in this article from our research, study and testing of these products during the incubation stage.  Before this, there wasn't  known knowledge of the reasoning behind these anomalies that were taking place.  We simply just said the eggs get bigger in some cases and some times they don't hatch. For us that wasn't a real answer.  For some reason no one tried to find out why?  With this evidence we have documented we now know why.  There is now a system you can use that changes this stage.

  Our new incubation system replicates the natural nesting zone. The new environment can reproduce the same results that once were just an anomaly. No more do we ask why does this happen.  We found out how to replicate these super eggs or large embryos and improved hatch ratios.  Then we tested them over and over again along with pushing the envelope to perfect them and evolve the products and methods to support these findings.  Now we have evidence that our products work and will be more beneficial to the incubation stage.  This information is factual and viable to who study it.  These observations were made by using these reptile incubation products.  With effort and studying of this stage of life we were able to determine that by using these products it would make a difference.  With these findings and use of these products we found these results.  To experience the same, just simply try our Reptile Incubation Products!  

This system along with the products and information listed have a Provisional Patent filed on them to ensure ownership of these findings and development of these products. It was our choice to share these findings with others who would like to use the system. Please do not abuse or try to replicate this system or replicate these products. All the information found in this Article is sole ownership of Your Gecko Guy LLC and cannot be copied or used without written consent.

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