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What is The G.E.O. (Gecko Egg Organizer)

Introducing the G.E.O.


( Gecko Egg Organizer )


Here at Your Gecko we are proud to announce the gecko egg organizer (G.E.O.).  This was a long time in the making with years of trial and error.  The purpose of this product is to organize your eggs.  The other benefit is the lifted nest of the G.E.O.  This will act as a platform for the eggs to rest on.  Allowing the eggs to  be lifted  away from mold, mites, over saturating of the substrate or not enough moisture in the substrate and also allows gas exchange that the egg produces itself.  THIS  PRODUCT  IS  TO  BE  USED  WITH  12oz.  DELI  CUPS AND  CAN  BE CUSTOMIZED TO  FIT  OTHER  SIZE  CONTAINERS.  OUR  TEST  SHOWED  THAT  NON-PUNCHED  CUPS  WORK  BEST  WITH  THIS  PRODUCT THIS  IS WHAT WE RECOMMEND .

As far as substrate goes your choice. We have tried all kinds  from foam, vermiculite, peat moss, just water, hatch rite, and  perlite.



We found that  perlite has the best result so far.  All the substrates were tested with same amount in each cup and the ratio of water to substrate was the same as  well.  They were tested for 30 60 and 90 days each for the common signs,  humidity levels, mold,  fermenting of the water, egg quality and temperature were taken at different times and at different levels of the G.E.O.

Now there is a specific way to use this product.  If you dont do it this way you will not have enough humidity and your eggs will start to dry out or dent.

The ratio is simple  8oz  perlite (by volume) and  5oz  water.

Then you will need to punch 2 pin holes in the center of the cup on top of the lid.  We  use a tack or a pin.

The G.E.O should be resting on the perlite. We have to push the G.E.O down in to the cup so there is no empty space.  The nest should be resting on the perlite.

We use the hole in the center of the G.E.O to add water if needed.  We also use the same hole to remove the G.E.O from the cup  if  you have a need to get to the perlite.

The knotch in one of the walls has a purpose.  This is home bace in case you remove it from the cup or if you want to airate the substrate you can twist it in a 360 turn and it will help you find the right place. We match this up with the marks we have made on the cup and lid.  We use a marker.

This product was designed for people who have your standard incubator or a commercial incubator.  If you have a repti bator or a hova bator this is the most common .  You can fit  12  12oz. Deli cups in one of these.



If you put 2 eggs per container or lets say 4 or more depending on how many eggs from that project.  But for conversion sake lets just use 3 cause they don't all hatch at once you will have one that might take a few more days or a female will only lay one or the other does not make it full term.  So 3 eggs per container  3 eggs x 12 containers = 36 eggs.  Now you have some cups with 2 eggs some with 4 eggs and some with 1 egg . Because you don't want to mix them up you keep them separated.  The only way to do this is to put them in their own cup.


old style of incubation

Now yes you can just write on the egg some people say but there are other benefits the G.E.O as well as the organizing part.  Now if you have one of the newer models of incubator like the mini fridge style these will hold 12 12oz. deli cups same math  3 eggs x 12 cups  =36 eggs.


minie incubator


Now the G.E.O holds 8 eggs and has 4 different chambers to separate and organize your eggs.  Lets do the math!  8 eggs X 12 cups =96  COMPARE THAT TO  36  THAT'S 60 MORE.


geo w lid


 geo no ld un hatched


Now we know that you might not use all of them but this will keep you from buying more incubators or just ORGANIZE the one you have.  One incubator can now hold as many as 3 could and that's just the organizer part of the G.E.O.


geo egg yoke all gone


You can mix morphs, traits, projects, species, different incubation times, different females that lay in the same nest box.


8 gecko in cuo w lid 


8 geckos 1 cup open


My favorite is the 1 egg that takes up a whole cup or the 2 here and the 1 there and the 2 over there can now go all in the same cup with room to spare and they are still all in one cup.

Lets talk about the product material. The G.E.O. is made out of  H.D.P.E. This form of plastic is used in a lot of things but mostly for food product  the same as the deli cups we use.  This material is food safe.  It does not release any chemicals.  Our product is also dishwasher safe for cleaning and disinfecting as well. This plastic is also very durable. And they can be stacked in each other for storage, shipping or travel.





If you breed reptiles or anything that lays eggs you will see the benefits to this product. It started out by using hova bators to incubate our eggs then just got tired of using one cup for 1 egg or even 4 eggs and having to worry about is too wet or too dry or will the hatchlings move the other eggs. Some eggs have to stay in the same position as they have been incubated at because the embryo has attached it self to the side of the egg.  And you also don't want to mix the geckos up due to the fact that they have different traits or genetics.


They are made to be easy and inexpensive for everyone from the beginner to the pro. There for they might have some imperfections on them THEY ARE NOT PERFECT THEY ARE MADE FROM A MOLD THAT DOES NOT MAKE  THEM  TO  BE  IN  A  BEAUTY   CONTEST. (here are some examples.






But they are very close so be prepared for them to serve a purpose but not be the prettiest thing you use.  They work and that's to real reason people should buy them and they are cheap for what they going to be used for. We designed this product for others to use as well as us. We think that it will change the way you incubate your eggs.

icubator 1


incubator minie fridge


We have been using this product for a while now. YES we have lost some eggs to figure out what we need to do to make it work. Some of the eggs were high end geckos. We would not just throw some product out there if   IT DID NOT DO WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO.  We like it because it make sense.  And they are affordable as well.  This is a on going research product so if you would like  to reply with comments or feed back please do so this will help us and others make this hobby fun easy and affordable.

Thank You,

Your Gecko  


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