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What are Reptile Egg Trays?

  The design and development of our Reptile egg Trays were from the results we received from our testing and study. These designs will yield the results that have been explained in this segment. When experimenting with the different mediums and methods our research gave us the knowledge to development these products for optimal growth of the embryos during incubation.  With this technology it will allow optimal oxygen flow just like mother earth.  The trays will allow for minimal contact of the eggs with the substrate so the eggs can absorb nutrients from the medium. The supporting walls will keep the eggs from moving in an unnatural way.  We found that different species needed different humidity percentages and different temperature to incubate in.  The different lengths of time for incubation were also a factor that needed to be addressed during the development of the trays.
  With this being a factor we need to ensure that the nest (egg tray) was allowed to adjust to different medium heights. This is what is unique about our trays, you can adjust the height of the tray by adding or removing medium.  This will allow you to have use of the medium for longer if need be.  We also found with our research that different egg laying species had a vast amount of eggs sizes from big to small and the shapes were also different.  We realized that we would need to design a tray that was a multipurpose purpose tray.  We found that we needed different size trays or multiple trays that would serve the same purpose for the different size eggs.. So we decided design our trays around these findings.  We decided that an egg tray that had Two Sides would be best as a multi purpose tool.  Our two sided egg trays will allow for one side to have the ability to hold the smaller species of egg and on the other side it would hold the larger species of egg.  The different size eggs can now be incubated with the same tray.  The new two sided tray can now be used for smaller egg laying species on one side and the other side for larger egg laying species.  With this we simply flip the egg tray over.  Now we can incubate different size eggs with the same tray.  
  With the development of this tool we were able eliminate the need for multiple trays for multiple species.  We took what was four trays and put it in to one.  After the development of our egg trays we were able to adjust them to our standards that was needed to yield the results we have experienced with our testing. These trays replicate the natural way they are incubated in the wild.  With our new medium and our egg trays the research should go according to plan based off the results we have experienced with the testing that was done before.  The reason why we designed the egg trays this way, along with our products, were to give the embryo the optimal conditions needed to get bigger safely.  With this being said I will explain why our egg trays have their unique design of open space and utility of them. These trays are not just for the two sided purpose but also for the way the nest was designed.  The nest was designed for optional oxygen flow. This will allow for the specific events to take place that are mentioned here in the segment.
  With common denominators that are in place with the current incubation method we needed to make sure that our products didn't hinder the incubation stage, but enhance it.  The more evaporation you have the better.  This allows for less bacteria build up in the medium.  The fast evaporation will allow more transpiration to take place with the embryo.  This is referred to relative humidity.  This technique will allow more transpiration from the egg (expelling of gases). By allowing the embryo to transpirate more.  The eggs will then have to take on more evaporation (hydration).  This exchange will yield the results that we have seen with using these products.  This will promote cellular growth within the egg and will aid in the removal of the cellar waste  (gases).  The egg will have more transpiration.  This will remove more caller waste from the egg aiding cellular growth.  The embryo will have everything it needs to be in optimal growth cycle with these conditions.  The co2 gasses that are released by the egg during growth (incubation) affect the embryo if not allowed to escape.  These gases will deprive the embryo of oxygen.  The oxygen should not be used up by the medium, environment and or the growth cycle.  The oxygen is the most important element within the environment.  So with this said we need to help with the dissolved oxygen found in the Eco zone (cup).
  This is done with these products. With the fast evaporation system it will help evacuate these harmful gases out of the environment.  The growth process and cycle is based off of the oxygen level provided by the environment along with having the correct elements that are needed to be used to give the egg nutrient during this stage.. If the environment has a low amount of these elements, then it will lead to the results found in your current incubation method.  The current method does not provide enough transpiration.  By not allowing the gases to escape as easily, the cellular waste will start to affect the embryo and will cause full term death in our study.  Having a thicker shell is not as good for the egg as you would think.  The natural exchange of plasma ions (evaporation) of hydrogen (water) and the transpiration of the co2 (gases) is an ion exchange just like those that are found with breathing.  You breathe in oxygen you breathe out carbon monoxide. This is ion exchange. By using the new medium we can increase the oxygen level in the Eco zone (cup).  When using these products we don't have a medium that will be inclined to ferment, compact and decompose. This will cause dissolved oxygen from the fermentation that takes place when the medium starts to age.  The medium begins to create gases and deprive the egg and Eco zone of oxygen after its bio cycle.  With Our new medium it has beneficial effects on the embryo with good bio activity in the new medium.  What we found with the study and research was that the pretreatment and curing process was the key to the mediums unique structure and ability to affect the Eco Zone in a positive way.
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