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These are a few of our customers that have chosen us for their geckos. I know they are all going to be good but we really dont have any unhappy gecko owner's so please enjoy. Also please send us a e-mail if you would like. Anything from buying a gecko, seen us at a show or if the site was helpful for you or if you just liked it. Please let us know and we will do our best to get it on the site for you so others can see.

Thank you again Your Gecko Guy



Hi, Jen the 2 I got look great! I just now ordered another female and was hoping you could ship her out tomorrow.

Mesa, Az



Sean, the new additions arrived safely and all is great. They're all more than I expected and your online photos don't do their coloring justice. I'm completely pleased and feel I got a great deal!! I'm starting my first breeding season next year and have been searching for the honest breeders and I found another one. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business in the future.

Topeka, Ks



Hi, all three arrived well and healthy, and look great! I've attached pictures Thank you very much! Hope they make nice babies in a year from now.The freebie looks awesome; thank you very much! She is the biggest and strongest of them all :)

Carbondale, IL



Hey Sean and Jen thank you very much. The five Geckos I ordered from you are amazing the pictures you take are great, but the do not give those little guys justice. They are awesome. Great job on packing to even though FedEx took two and half days they were just fine. The heat packs were still warm geckos were great. I ordered five think that would be plenty, but know after seeing these I think I need about five or six more. I can't wait to see what you post next. Great geckos Great Prices. Your definitely my Gecko Guy for now on. P.S. I can't wait to do business again hopefully shipping will be better. I think the extra day of waiting hurt me more than the geckos.

Thanks again




The gecko just got here and she is beautiful.. Just what we where looking for... We will be ordering another one later on.. you guys rock.

Lancaster, CA



Hi, Guys

Just wanted to let you know that our leopard gecko laid her first eggs and I just put them in our new GEO that we just got from you. It was so simple and so easy to use and I love the design and idea of it. Thanks for making it and I can't wait to see these little babies when they hatch out in a few months!




Hey Sean,
Just wanted to say I saw your product for the first time and absolutely love it. It's a great idea and a great yet some what simple design. I have been toying around with different incubation methods for the last couple seasons. Even using lighting filters or diffusers (for get what they are called) to try and make the eggs suspended from the substrate. This pretty much answers all my wants and needs when it comes to incubating gecko eggs. I would like to purchase the transformer edition. I am waiting on some money from a friend who would like to split the package with me and then I will place the order. Just wanted to send you an email letting you know how much I like the product!

Benn Concepcion
aka 727GeckoKid



Hey Sean, I recieved my GEOs today everything was packaged great, very fast shipping. Can't wait to get them set up and full of eggs!!




Hey Sean, I am 100% satisfied with my purchases from your site, both females are more than what I was expecting and the pictures on your site, while excellent, didn't do them any justice. They are both adjusting well and are eating dusted mealworm's for me daily. I look forward to doing business in the future. You were extremely polite and helpful when I spoke with you on the phone, and knowledgeable at that. It means a lot.

Tim from Missouri



Hi I got my gecko a few weeks ago and he is awesome the picture does not do him no justice. His enigma eyes are incredible his coloring is out of this world. highly recommended this breeder GET GECKOS HERE!!!


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