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Here are our geckos we have at Your Gecko some of these are new combo morphs take a look at some of these geckos they are one of a kind.

Sunkist Whiteout Project

This fat tailed gecko is out of our Sunkist Whiteout project.  She is so pretty her color is like a creamy orange.  This is one our best !

Sun Tan Project

This guy is out of our Sunglow Tangelo Cross Enigma project.   He is just such a great looking gecko hope you enjoy. 

Yo-Go Tangerine Project update

Here is a 4th generation Yo-Go Tangerine offspring.  They are turning out so cool.  This is a male from this season.  He is one out of 30.  We have only 4 others like him.  This is where line breeding gets real fun. Hope you guys enjoy the pic.


Smile for the camera !

Solar Eclipse eye shot

This is a pic of one of oue Patternles eclipse eye they are all black these will be a great combo for alot of differnt projects.  We have been mixing the snow gene and tangerine gene with them. 

This a Patternless Snow Pure Eclipse. No hets.  

Upclose pic of a gecko eye

We thought we would post a upclose eye pic of one of our gecko. We hope you enjoy.

Snow Bandit

Here is our Snow Bandit.  She is from 2010 and we will be useing her for some or our projects this year. 

Snow Bandit

This is a pic of her back side.  Can you see the face on her back ? We hope to see more of this with her offspring.

White n Yellow

This is our White n Yellow leopard gecko.  He is one of the newer morphs out there right now.  We happy to be working with this new dominant gene.

Yo-Go Tangerine

This just a quick updated pic. of our Yo-Go Tangerine line.  Keep an eye out for them on our available page.

Giant Tremper Albino (Tangelo-Sunglow) cross

This is one of our best Giant Tremper Albino leopard geckos.  They are crossed with the Sunglow and Tangelo gene.  

Giant Tremper Albino (Tangelo-Sunglow) cross

This is one of our Giant Tremper Albino leopard geckos.  They are crossed with the Sunglow and Tangelo gene. 

The Smoothie project

This is our Smoothie project.  This one hatch out of a 3rd gen project.  We noticed a reduced amount of bumpes in the stripe a few years ago and have been line breeding them every since . Hope to get the whole stripe with out bumps this season.

Smoothie project

Here is a upclose shot of the pattern.

Sunglow Enigma project

This is a update from are Yo- Go tangerine line in to a sunglow enigma.  They come out just stunning. 

The H - Project

Man this project is so cool.

The Ricochet project

 The Ricochet project is a Cross of a Bandit and a Tangerine.  This is going to be a good gecko to line breed.

Snow Tangerine Bandit

This project is been one we have been working on for a while now. This is a Tangerine Snow Bandit. Now thats cool.

The X - Harley Project

This a nice looking crested gecko this is our best female she is a  3rd gen.


This is our zero female she has been doing well for us this year.


This is our White Out male his current weigh is 82 grams and he is still breeding.

Whiteout Het. Patternless

This is our whiteout 100%  het patternless.  We hope to produce some patternless whiteouts this year with her. 


Just a few more G.E.O pics.


This one is one of the nicer ones we produced last year.  We will also be useing her for our biz. cards.

Whiteout Hatchlings

These are the first pictures of our whiteout project. There are 9  in this picture. Its nice to finally have some. We waited years to get in to the project.  Keep an eye out for them on our available page.

The H - Project

This is one of our geckos from 2010. Wow this gecko is really Green. I would like to see what this gecko looks like an an adult. 

The H - Project

This another pic. of the H - Project. His green is a real green. This will be a great looking gecko as a adult.We willl have to see what he brings to our Red Stripe line.  

Red Stripe Enigma

This is a Red Stripe Enigma. We used J.M.G. line red stripes to get this Enigma. He is one out of 30 red stripe enigmas we hatched out this season. There will be more to come with these geckos. 

Nova ( Raptor Enigma )

This is two genes in one, but the raptor gene carries 5 differnt traits. This guy is a little differnt than most you will see his spotting is random.We will be useing him for all of are Nova project's.

Blazing Blizzard Snow Enigma

This is a Blazing Blizzard Snow Enigma. We have been working on this project for 3 seasons. We took a Blazing Blizzard Snow male and a Enigma Snow het Blazing Blizzard female and got him. We have proven him out this season. 

Tangerine Enigma

This one of our Tangerine Enigmas from this season. We took our Yo - Go Tangerine female and breed it to a combo Tangerine Enigma male. The male was a Tangerine Enigtma cross. The cross was with Tangerine Toronado line to Albeys too cool reptiles line. The female was Albeys,Hot geckos and Tangerine Toronado. This is and very deep orange gecko we will have to see what all three will bring with the enigma gene. 

Sunburn Project

This gecko was out of  a sunglow tangelo cross to a snow enigma het for tremper. He is a male and we will be useing him in a the same projects next year.  

B.E.E.(Eclipse Enigma)

This is one of our enigmas .  We will be useing him in our B.E.E. projects. 

Worlds First Patternless Eclipse

This a Pure Patternless Eclipse. Now there are  Patternless Raptors.  People call them a Ember. We are calling our gecko a  Solar Eclipse. This guy came from a PURE ECLIPSE. We have also proven this gecko to produce both eclipse and patternless geckos. We have been working with the snow gene.  This gecko will carrie 3 genes and can be comboed with any anlbinos or domnite genes so you can have a gecko with 5 genes in one.    

Tremper Enigma

This Enigma was used for our Yo-Go Sunglows a few years ago. He will be a keeper for a while.  

Tremper bold stripes

These geckos are going to be a tremper line of bold stripes . There is already a bell line of bold stripes. This will be just like those but tremper. Will be a great gecko to line breed.

Tremper Snow Bold Stripes

 One of our best Tremper Bold Stripe's.

Sun - Tan project

This is a Sunglow crossed with a Tangelo. They come out with red circle's on their body.

Snow Hybino (So-Be) project

We took our hybino line and crossed it will some of our snow's. This will take some time because you have to out cross every gen.  to avoid a super form. This is the 3 rd Gen. Adult male.  


Take a look at that tail I will leave it at that . There will be more to come.

Black Hole (Eclipse Snow Enigma)

This is our Black Hole she is from 2010 these are just one of those geckos that make you smile. This is all three genes in one. Top notch gecko.  (Eclipse Snow Enigma )

Dreamsicle (Snow Raptor Enigma)

These are three genes in one again one of the best. ( Raptor Snow Enigma)

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