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Meal Worm Care Kit - 64 oz

Price: $15.00

This is our mealworm care kit. We have been using these to house and gut load our worms in. This is a easy and safe way to house your worms. Simply take the Bug Food and dump half of it in the container this will be the bedding for the worms to live in and also eat. Then add the desired amount of worms we put 1,500 or so. Once a week we feed them a carrot. This is their water source. You can also slow down the process of them turning in to a beetles by placing the container in the fridge it should be ok at 43 degrees or so. They will start to hibernate at this time . When you are ready just pull them out wait for a hour so and use them as you need at this time I would throw a carrot in there and let them eat for a few hours then place them back. They should live for 4 to 6 weeks with this method. We provide a sifter to sift the worms out of the bedding. When the bedding is done being used up it will look dark and you can tell the difference between that and the Bug Food. Simply just start by dumping the old stuff out and start over again. This is very important to gut load your insects.

Bug Food ( gut load) - It is very important for your geckos to get the right nutrience from the insects. You feed it to the bugs and gecko eats the bugs providing them with over 20 different organic supplements. We hope this kit will make it easier for you to properly care for your new pets.


The Kit includes:


1 64 oz container with metal mesh lid

1 small sifter

2 1lb. of our Bug Food (gut load) Worm Bedding


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