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Cricket Care Sheet

Cricket Care Sheet


First we would like to say that all  bugs should be "gut loaded". This is simple the bugs eat the bug food and the the pet eats the bug. This is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals that our pets need to be healthy. You have to remember that different bugs have different diets so make sure your bug food is specific to that bug. The diet is key to crickets health and in return, the health of your pet.  This diet encourages and promotes growth in your pet.  

Your container should be of a size to provide adequate space for your crickets to spread out comfortably. Do not overcrowd them, as overcrowding is the major factor in excessive death in crickets. They will be fine if they aren’t required to  "stack up" on top of each other in their new home. Each cricket needs to be able to sit directly on a surface rather than on another cricket.

We recommend that you place no substrate in your cricket container as it becomes much more difficult to keep the crickets clean. You will find that using no substrate reduces the possibility of offensive odors considerably.

Place egg crate, paper towel  or toilet paper rolls or similar hiding places in the container.  Feeding crickets correctly is important because they require a high protein diet to keep them healthy.  

With out an adequate diet, they will prey upon each other.  Also, if you are using them for live food for your herps, the nutrition from the crickets will be passed on to your reptile or amphibians making it extremely important to keep them healthy. 

To provide a balanced diet supplement, mix the dry food with raw vegetables and fruit scraps such as slices of apples, oranges, and potatoes. In addition to greens such as lettuce or cabbage. The food should be placed in a small plastic container, periodically discarding any uneaten portions on a regular basis to insure cleanliness and freedom from mold.

Do not forget to supply your crickets with water! They drink more than you think. This can be done with a sponge or fresh veggies every other day. This will keep them hydrated. One method is to place a piece of  sponge in a shallow dish and moisten it.  Make sure there is no standing water in the water dish, as small crickets can easily drown in even the smallest amount of standing water.

Remember not to let them get too hot or too cold! Ideal is 70-80 degrees.

To set your own cricket care kit up is easy. You take a container, then add egg crate or cardboad to it be sure that it doesn't touch the lid when placed back on. This will allow the cricket to jump out when you open it back up. Then add a few scoops of bug food and add the water or veggies on the opposite side of the cardboard. Make sure you allow the bugs a day or so to "gut load" before feeding them to your pet.  After this, the bugs will be ready to feed to your pet.

We hope this helps with your questions on how to "gut load" your bugs. If interested, we have information on other bugs available for you to read, here on ou site. Keep an eye out for it!


Thank You 

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