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How to use your Reptile Egg Trays

We just couldn't get enough out of one, so we have to make sure it had the ability to do everything that you could think of.  Our trays have been test for 3 years and have shown to have a success with our other products.  The design will allow optimal air flow around the egg.  These trays are not full egg suspension method, but more of a half way point.  These trays will allow the eggs to have minimal contact with the substrate to allow absorption from the medium.  This will allow the eggs to receive nutrients during incubation. We designed our egg trays around our other products so we recommend that you use the trays as the way they were intended. They are part of a system.  We call it a G.E.O. System its 3 simple steps. This will be using our Repti Grow and Repti Stones as a incubation medium.  They will both serve a purpose during the incubation stage.  We always recommend rinsing your products before use of them.  This includes the stones. This will transfer less contaminates in to the incubation stage.

First you put a 1/2 inch to 1 inch layer of Repti Stones on the bottom of the cup. This amount will depend on the size of the container.  Then you add water this amount should be like a beach front,  the stones should not be complete summered.

Second you add moist Repti Grow  to the container.  We recommend at least 60% to 75% of the container should be filled with medium. nFor larger eggs this is different, so you would only do enough to where you can still allow growth for the eggs. 

Third you simply place your egg tray on top of the medium.  Push down a little to secure the tray in place.  Now you are ready to place your eggs in the tray.  If it seems that there is a lot of extra room,  its because there is.  With this system they will need the extra room because they grow bigger than normal. 

Once your G.E.O system is set up and your eggs are in the tray you should be good to go for most of the incubation stage.  Toward the end we recommend to check the medium for any unnatural effect it might have on the environment.  With this system you will watch the eggs grow to larger sizes and see the difference for your self why we call these products a system. Its all 3 combined that create this effect. Please refer to the information list on the site if you have any other questions.

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