Why ReptiGrow?

How to use ReptiGrow

  Repti Grow is compressed coco fiber.  This can be used as a nest box medium, incubation medium or a substrate.  We have tested with many different kinds of mediums over the years and have found that if our pets are put on any substrate its needs to be the most natural and neutral we can find. That is why we made Repti Grow its neutral balanced allows for the substrate to last longer and hold up better during use of it compared to other mediums. The use of Repti Grow gave some great results during the care and husbandry of our parts. We found it be a key factor in our captive breeding of our reptiles.

Repti Grow comes in a compressed coco forum. We recommended using bottled water to hydrate it before use. When you add water it will expand to its size need for use. We found that 2 bottles of drinking water will do the trick.

  It is best to do this in a 1 to 2 gallon bag this will help to store it as well.  After a half hour of so it will have absorbed the water and expanding to the size it needs to be for use. You can simple treat it like potting soil at this point. I found when using it for nest box or incubation medium to add enough for a 75% of the container. If you are using it for a substrate then a few inches should be fine. You can add water easily to the coco when needed it will evaporate faster then normal substrates so be sure to keep an eye on it if you are using it with a pet that needs high humidity.

  We recommend exchanging the medium every 90 days this will help with the health of the environment. They don't just live in the substrate they also use it for waste area. With this being said it is a must to change out the substrate  often because reptiles will consume substrates no matter what kind so be sure to keep it clean for them. Its $5 bucks do keep your pet healthy I don't mind what you have been told by others in their fields the medium is no longer good after days with our testing of mediums and some even expire before this time. We recommend a 90 day use of Repti Grow. Here is an example don't clean your fish tank for 3 months and you will  why you should exchange their substrate more often.  With the larger fibers it will break down slower so you will start to see when you need to exchange it. We have tested every medium you can imagine with all kinds of different stuff mixed with them. We have found the information list here on our site to be true fro our research and working hand and hand with these different mediums. It is your choice what to put in to your reptiles enclosure we choose to put Repti Grow in ours.


Will the animals consume the Repti Grow because there are minerals in it?

This is a very good question. The answer is that all reptiles will eat a certain amount of substrate if there is any in their enclosure. We found this to be true in all of our testing no matter what medium no matter what reptile was placed in to the enclosure. It is not harmful for them to consume a small amounts of the medium. This can be seen in their stool. It is my believe that it helps with digestion and serves a purpose some where in the instinct of the animal. In my research we found some breeders on certain species will add sand to their supplements to help with this natural behavior. This subject is a controversy because no one has done real testing and study on mass substrates. You find so much talk about this but no one has tested or studied the different mediums.
What I found is as long as the animal is healthy and not dehydrated or malnourished it will not have issues passing substrates. Take calcium sand for example this is widely sold all over the world and by very large companies and there is still talk of how bad it is.  What you don't see or read  is how the husbandry had played a key role in the animals reasoning for not passing and ingesting the substrate. The reason why people say these things is caused they just repeated what someone else told them.  I haven't come a crossed many people that did as much  of an extensive research and study on mediums and the consumption of them. This was done to ensure that Repti Grow was safe for your pets.
We  tested what the out come was while using Repti Grow. When and if there was composition of it during use and how it would effect your pets. This needs to be addressed with this product because it was tested for this hazard. The consumption of substrates comes naturally to reptiles so this will take place when using ANY substrate no matter what it is. The reason why people say the things they do about adding anything to substrate is because someone said they tried it once and decided that it wasn't good so they spoke badly of it and band it from everyones thinking as if it was a bad thing. This is cause of the impaction of the medium when ingested.  If you study the animals then you will find that they will consume all kinds of medium. It is my believe that it is of the mucus membrane and dehydration is what cause impaction in the animals. With our research in a 5 year evaluation of these products that the specimen was able to pass the medium without any side effects or disruption of the anatomy. Real research that has been done on this subject can be found in history books not Joe with a web site that heard it from someone else and put it on line for everyone to use as truth. Real scientist found that dinosaurs ate gravel for help with digestion and also current reptiles still do this in captivity and in the wild. We found this by testing the fecal of all the reptiles that were exposed to Repti Grow.
There were other procedures that were taken to ensure that the composition if there was any was able to be passed safely. This was done with ultrasounds and fecal testing  of the specimens.  I have tested using minerals in substrate and have found that there needs to be a specific balance for it to be safe for our pets. The  blending of the pretreatment is to ensure that if ingested that it dose not cause harm to the animal. This was a 'We really do care experiment". How do you  know how much of something was too much ? When they stopped eating it to an acceptable amount. With the results that came from using the product it was worth the  small amount of negatives that arose from its use. Even although the  composition of substrates is very minimal,  we found  that some where someone decided that theses elements were bad and we just followed them as a rule book. I am here to proudly say that I have tested these products for years under all conditions and they have not caused death or euthanization of any of the specimens that were housed or incubated with this medium. 

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