The G.E.O.  (Gecko Egg Organizer) Headquarters

How to use your G.E.O. (Gecko Egg Organizer)

Now there is a specific way to use this product.  If you dont do it this way you will not have enough humidity and your eggs will start to dry out or dent.

The ratio is simple  1 cup of  perlite and  5oz  water.

Then you will need to punch 2 pin holes in the center of the cup on top of the lid.  We  use a tack.

The G.E.O should be resting on the perlite. We have to push the G.E.O down in to the cup so there is no empty space.  The nest should be resting on the perlite.

We use the hole in the center of the G.E.O to add water if needed.  We also use the same hole to remove the G.E.O from the cup  if  you have a need to get to the perlite.


The knotch in one of the walls has a purpose.  This is home bace in case you remove it from the cup or if you want to airate the substrate you can twist it in a 360 turn and it will help you find the right place. We match this up with the marks we have made on the cup and lid.  We use a marker to mark the cup and lid. 


We will mark the lids and the cups for you.  We will also punch the holes in the lid for you as well.  Just rember the G.E.O needs to be resting on the perlite this is 1 cup perlite and 5 oz water.  


We have hatch out hundreds of geckos useing this method for our egg's.  There will be a certain amount of eggs that dont hatch.  This is NOT due to the G.E.O but to Mother Nature. If you have any quetions please feel free to contact us. Thank You again




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